I am doing what must be done…

• Easing the life of the client, reducing their daily stress and completing their daily lives in the villa or vacations on a superyacht with delicious meals and excellent presentation.

• As a professional, being a master of Italian Cuisine from region to region, Mediterranean dishes mainly from Italian cuisine; always fresh and healthy food while dancing with the American, French, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Asian/ Japanese cuisines and sushi.

• Menus which are completely customized, created by following the client’s habits to the end, designed according to the requests and non-repeating unless required. A family style cooking and family style presentation if requested, or a Fine dining & Michelin experience.

• Having all Europe, Mediterranean, Caribbean, US and Pacific experience, therefore always working with the right yacht provisioners. Diverse, healthy crew meals. Completing ocean crossings and long sea cruises with seamless provisioning and without any problems regardless of the weather conditions.