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Creating Unique Moments… Customized to your needs..

• A stylish romantic dinner for two or an elegant dinner at home for your important guests, a formal cocktail or a business meeting for a special occasion. Simple rich breakfast or a country style home cooking in your garden. According to the location of your selection, we enter the picture inside your mind and create the tastes you desire.

• A menu suitable for your taste and dietary habits, elegant, stylish or casual but always unique will be prepared by Deniz Kurt.

• Having the experience of all Mediterranean Cuisine including Spanish, Italian, French Riviera, all Greek Islands, Greece and Turkey, Northern Europe, State Side, Eastern, Western Caribbean and Panama, Pacific Ocean and India, Deniz Kurt will provide you a perfect culinary experience with her Chef Team by pushing the provisional limits of the country and season you are in, working with the correct yacht provisioning companies wherever your villa or yacht is located and promising to use the best ingredients.