Do you have a bucket list?

ak0I do. I mean, I found out that I have. While looking through some‘ex’s photos, unfinished novels, never-tried recipes on my former computer, I found my bucket list, long-forgotten.

What is a bucket list? Remember the movie featuring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman? “IT IS A LIST OF THINGS THAT YOU WISH TO DO BEFORE DEATH”.

Apparently, I jotted down 15 items, while the 14th is blank, I do not know why! While trying to figure out the mystery of 14, let us check out the other items, some very easily achievable, some almost impossible.

One of them is “walking along an ocean shore at night”.

I fulfilled this last year!

ak28Bocas del Toro is a holiday resort that can be found in the tourism brochures of Panama City about which we do not have information other than the famous Panama Canal connecting Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The region consists only of small islands connected with sea taxis of wooden boats driven madly by locals. Generally Black Latin American population, Mestizo Panamanians (Panamanian people who are of mixed European and indigenous ancestry), Panamanian Mulattoes and short Latin American brunettes with long hairs and an enormous poverty dominate these islands.

Here, you cannot see splendid and luxurious buildings, exquisitely lightened elegant bars and restaurants. Somewhere there is richness, but as it is in the Caribbean, the richness rules in hidden mansions on islands, individually owned islands and million dollar boats on sea. Aside from this, the local life is made up of small and miserable bars hiding their poverty with colorfully painted buildings or dominated by drug trafficking.

ak29The back alleys that I have entered while looking for local fish vendors, damp and dirty houses, vendors turning their backyards into shops complete the picture of poverty. Mahi Mahi fish, lobster tails, octopus, calamari, shrimp varieties and yellowfin tuna fish were the quality local products that I could find.

And one night, I went out at night on the Caribbean shore to take a walk, realizing one of my items on the list!

Next item is riding a bike on the China Wall? What do you think, can I ever fulfill it?