How do you know Mykonos?

ak0How do you know Mykonos? I know it very well. Because I spent almost the entire summer here. Mykonos is a touristic island which has gone far beyond than being a Greek Bodrum becoming a centre of entertainment where almost of all Europeans visit.

Narrow streets of Mykonos, which were relatively calm upon my arrival in May, became so crowded in July and August. The island was experiencing a crowd above its capacity thanks to 3-4 cruise ships and 40-45 flights per day! It is an island mostly preferred by the Italian tourists.

If you go to north of Italy in summer, you can see that whole of Japan is there then if you come to Mykonos you can see that whole of Italy is here. What makes Mykonos attractive for Europeans, is having a different layout, entertainment range and European identity from St. Tropez, Sardinia and Sicilian coasts.

ak1Restaurants, definitely more touristic and nicer than the ones in Athens, serve dominantly a classic Greek cuisine, although others especially Italian cuisine is available as they do everywhere else in the world. Tzaziki and mousakka, also very familiar to us, are their best known appetizers. Their favourites are shellfishes.

They cook good shrimps, delicious grilled octopus, calamari and langouste and similar shellfishes very well. Prices are modest. Even though Mykonos is an expensive island, extreme prices that we (in Istanbul) usually pay for small and leathery lobsters cannot be seen here. And frankly this is how it should be.


One of the restaurants I can recommend is the Nammos on Psarou Beach. It is also the most popular beach club in Mykonos. The venue, which welcomes super yachts like ours and located on a magnificent bay with crystal clear waters, mostly hosts not the budget travellers or teenagers but elegant Europeans. After lunch in which people taste those lobsters I mentioned before, with the help of the music exploding at 4Pm, people sway in sea with glasses in their hand or even dance on top of the tables. This crazy entertainment is actually what makes Mykonos attractive…if you prefer..

This crazy island is not a location I can clearly explain you in one article. So, to be continued next week…