I have arrived to Palma de Mallorca… Don’t ask!

Shall begin with the cliché of the pearl of Spain?


Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca are the island which are the pearls of Spain, but putting aside being the pearl, Palma is also one of the main hubs of the superyacht world. I have arrived to Palma… Don’t ask! Sometimes I do these kinds of secret escapades (of course the secrecy is up to now).

The big superyachts spending summer in the Mediterranean wait at Palma beginning from October before they set sail to the other parts of the World living summer. As the touristic season is over, Palma de Mallorca is under the invasion of yacht crews that we call “yachties”. Most of these yachts renew their crews between October and December, solve their technical issues and set sail towards the Caribbean’s or Pacific at the beginning of December. And the reverse flow is seen at the beginning of summer. The same yachts gather at Palma before the Mediterranean season begins, and after relieving the tiredness of the ocean, set off towards more dashing locations of the Mediterranean like Saint Tropez, Capri or Porto Cervo.


Palma de Mallorca is a phase in the life of a yachtie. We eat tapas in many small beautiful restaurants located at old Mallorca which is also called Old Town, enter the famous Spanish cuisine and get drunk then totter on narrow streets that cars cannot enter.

As a chef, do I encounter very interesting food abroad? Nooo… After sometime, you definitely accept that eating is thing touching your palate transiently (sometimes making you ache with pleasure!) and adding some enjoyable moments to your life. Including every cuisine of the world, every corner, Michelin starred restaurants, venues so popular that you cannot enter, pricy or street vendors at the darkest corner, the taste madness you can get from all these places lead to the same purpose. Let your taste buds dance and enjoy every moment you are there!

And I will introduce you with a place that I felt just like above in Palma.


Patxi is the name of the chef as well. Like all Ali Usta’s or Ahmet Usta’s in Istanbul. You can find it on internet by the name “El Chaflan de Patxi” as well. You will not see white table cloths or shiny crystals like in a fine dining restaurant that you are acquainted with. You will be welcomed by a crowded bar at the entrance of the restaurant. It is intimate and cozy, colored with the brown of woodwork. It is not famous for its décor but its food.


While you are getting to the interior, you will see a kitchen behind glasses where you can actually witness the chef cutting big meats and a huge grill. And feel your appetite more and more.


We preferred to eat at the bar because that commotion appealed to us. After nibbling the famous Spanish starters, Tapas, we made entrance to the meat with a very soft pork cheek. You can eat everything here but you eat meat more! As I was accompanied by the experienced head chef of a 72 meter motor yacht, the feast became more like a gourmand’s run.

CEYMS20Of course I will not talk about the castles or museums of Palma. If you want to get touristic information, you can always google it! However, if you ever visit Palma de Mallorca, go to this enjoyable restaurant. Spanish wines are not as flashy as Italian or French wines, yet the chef will definitely recommend you a good one.

Buen Provecho!