Spaghetti Alle Vongole Con la Bottarga in Sardinia

navigaTRkum1I asked the captain where we were headed, and he said “This is not a plane, I don’t know.” and I was like “What do you mean? Don’t you even have a route?” He pointed to the left with his finger and said “This way.”

Of course he was just joking around because he was tired of my relentless questioning, but he was basically saying that we would have to stay in Sardinia if the weather conditions and the force of wind do not match our predictions, and indeed that was what happened in the end.

We had left Athens and we were sailing towards Saint Tropez. Since we had checked the weather forecast days before, we knew it would go bad but it all got clear after we passed Italy ‘s Stromboli volcano. As the captain told us, one of his friends couldn’t survive a similar storm. While his friend was trying to pass through the sea between Sardinia and Corsica, an 8 meter high wave generated by wind took him right out of the boat and threw him into sea. Such severe weather conditions forced us to be confined in Sardinia Island for five days. But what a delightful confinement! Because the storm was only affecting the sea… All you feel on the island was “Is it a little windy today, huh?” so ours was more like a vacation in Sardinia.

navigaENkumBut since our whole life is like a vacation, the desire to sunbathe diminishes after a while. We already live on a boat. So the first of those five days was pleasure, the second was shopping for local Sardinia products in markets and the third was killing time with other sailors who were stuck during a race on Porto Cervo port. On the last two days I had already got bored with Sardinia. Maybe because of my bad mood in those days..also it was rainy from time to time…Anyway..

Sardinia is a lovely holiday island where almost all of Italy runs to in summer months. Porto Cervo, located in the northern part, is a common stop for superyachts that pass through the Mediterranean. A port that has very nice restaurants and bars, where you can see many chic boats including sail boats from races and where you can witness tourists going about in colonies. This classiness shows itself in fares too.

navigaENkum2Transportation in Sardinia is troublesome if you don’t have a car. You definitely need to rent one. Taxi fares are extreme because it’s an island. It was even more expensive than Mykonos.

My second stop while I was there was the town Olbia. Olbia is a typical Italian town. The luxury in Porto Cervo here transforms into classic local town life. Regular Italian trattorias, local shops Italians call bars where you can go for a cafe anytime, some shops and some houses are parts of the daily life here.

Let’s move on to the food…

The best thing you can eat in Sardinia is seafood. Italian cuisine as you can guess is combined of durable cheese like butter, risotto, parmigiano, proscuitto which we call Italian salami and all kinds of pork products to the north part; and legendary seafood served with lighter tasty tomato sauces towards the southern parts. One of those is pasta with clams we call Spaghetti alle vongole, and another one is fish roe Bottarga. If you search Spagetthi alla bottarga on Youtube, you will see some super tasty village style fresh bottarga recipes but I will give you a combination of Spagetthi alla bottarga you can make with Sardinia bottarga and pasta with clams, so you can impress your friends with Italian cuisine, the name of the dish is: “Spaghetti alle vongole con la bottarga e pomodorini”. Sounds very italian! Even the name is enough to impress, isn’t it?:)