What the hell am I doing here?

What am I doing here? What am I looking for?


This is my general mindset as the place I want to be and the place I am actually at is always different. That is not what I want. It just is…

Therefore, I cannot stay constantly in a city, country or even a continent. I find myself in places where I never previously dreamed of.

CEYMS2Like in Panama watching flamingos at 06.00 in a hotel room mesmerized in ocean waves, in Costa Rica trying to reach the city from forests in a shabby taxi with patched rooftop driven by a constantly talking taxi driver while armed gangs wait alongside the road just as in the movies, swimming amidst giant waves at midnight in Pacific Ocean, at mansion full of memories untouched since 80’s in Paris, at a villa in Mykonos on hills that can only reached by small pathways, singing “My Way” at a dark karaoke bar in an unknown coastal town in Northern Spain, coming out bare feet from a 3 Michelin star restaurant in Manhattan, taken away to an unknown villa on a Mercedes with film coated windows in Los Angeles, drinking champagne by chance with a famous film star in Cannes, photographing a colorful rainbow in the middle of Atlantic Ocean, while watching TV under blanket at home, with a sudden call finding myself on a plane to the Seychelles in the next three hours…


While writing this article isolated in a small, unknown town in Holland. I can give many more weird, absurd and sometimes even dangerous examples where I say to myself “Damn, what am I doing in here!”. I am not even telling you about the identities of people I met by chance.

CEYMS3Do I complain about this? On the contrary, I love it!
Like feeling that you are alive to the bone, like living a full life, this is it!

Of course, I am not planning any of this. Anyway, these things cannot be experienced in a planned holiday taken with your friends. You would know the hotel you are going to stay beforehand, you would throw your luggage to the room after you reach your destination and at most you would go to the places your tour guide tell you and become a tourist taking selfies in front of churches, museums or basilicas. However if you let yourself get immersed in the flow of life, only then you can experience a thousand different things.

All right then, Who am I?

How come those things happen to me? What do I do for a living? Is my occupation really interesting? Am I a spy or an illegal arms dealer? Or if you say get out of here – be more realistic, am I traveler photographing things I see? Or am I a tour guide?


To tell you the truth, I am a mere cook. Yes, a cook. I prepare meals. I just have a more professional title meaning I am a Chef. Furthermore I am a little bit of a more version of this, I am a yacht chef. It can be said that I am maybe even more dashy then a yacht chef as I am one of the chefs responsible for cooking delicious things in the billionaire toys of private super yachts ranging from 50 to 150 meters.

CEYMS5Of course, the things I told you about does not happen to me because I am a cook. It isbaby octopus just that the speed with which I change places around the world is somewhat higher than an ordinary person. Like each week being in a new country, on new shores, meeting new people and talking a new language… We will have a long time together ahead of us for me to tell you about how interesting and pleasant, sometimes crazy and at the same time tiring the life can be on a super yacht.

I will keep a diary! Where I am on that day, what is happening to me, what am I seeing that I have not encountered before, what am I tasting and cooking, is the bar I hopped interesting or are the locals cold as freezers? Are there girls so beautiful that I become jealous or is everybody flirting with me? Which is the best restaurant in that town? Have I come across any tastes that is worth visiting? If it is a recipe worth cooking, will you let me cook it with you? With some small tricks and hints that I will tell you while cooking, will you be able steal the girl’s heart whom you are cooking for, or will I become the scape goat of your failure? In short will you flirt both with the cuisine and me while reading the places I have been?

CEYMS6Firstly, we will go to the secluded and empty town of Middelburg in Holland. If there is only me, myself and I around, I will ask the same question again.

“What the hell am I doing in Middelburg!”

Next week, see you in this northern town on the coats of Atlantic Ocean making you feel like you are living in film set…