To the ones who say: St. Tropez without you means nothing

ak0Would I have believed years ago if someone told me I was going to celebrate my 35th birthday in St Tropez with fifteen people I don’t know? I would have believed but I couldn’t have guessed.

I would have believed these words, because up until now I had such a bizarre life, those neon road signs near the highway of fate are actually the crazy moments what we called coincidences. Half of those 15 people came from England namely Queen Elizabeth Islands, some from Italy, some France, some Australia and some from various countries such as Thailand for their friends’ wedding and for some reason they were seated in a couple of tables around mine. I was there as a superyacht chef for the last ‘boss trip’. So for me Saint Tropez was just another coast we landed.


Probably even some people who don’t know where it is on the map have heard of Saint Tropez, as just another famous coast. Recently even the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Mr. Taner Yıldız mentioned this unique French town when he warned Cem Uzan by saying “He shouldn’t talk about the Turkey while having fun at Saint Tropez clubs.” Because we were there mid-September, we didn’t really see the crowd in the clubs, but I can say Saint Tropez is a lovely French coastal town with its shops and beautiful streets. This tiny coastal town swarming with people when there are sail races has a prosperous reputation like the other famous coasts of France like Monte Carlo, Cannes, Antibes.


The handsome guy sipping his drink next to you may be a familiar face from Hollywood or may be someone from the top billionaires list. Or maybe you will see me, who knows…

As a Turkish saying goes ‘Wolf likes misty weather’. As you can get from my surname, (Wolf is the meaning of my surname) Mother Nature gave me a dark, misty and rainy weather as a birthday gift. I didn’t complain. I told you, wolf likes misty weather.


I raised my glass towards Saint Tropez to my 35th birthday marking the midpoint of my life.